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31st Year “Black July day “ remembrance of in London

British Tamil Forum organized special protest campaign to mark the 31st year of Black July day.

Never allow to seperate this island: Prime Minister

Prime Minister D.M.Jayaratne today announced never allows None Government Organizations to separate and change the regime of this country.

India accepts Australia’s request to probe 157 boat refugees

India gave Australia a bit of a breather by agreeing to investigate whether some of the 157 boat refugees confined to their boat on Christmas Island are Sri Lankan Tamil refugees from a camp in Puducherry.

Minister Champika Ranawaka's FB page disabled

The Facebook account and fan page of Technology and Research Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka has been disabled without notice by the Facebook Administration Committee, according to the minister.

Lankan cycling team warned by Scotlandyard police

A group of Sri Lankan Commonwealth Games athletes were stopped by police along Scotland’s busiest stretches of motorway today after they had violated the law, British media reports.

Second suspect found guilt over killing Lankan student in Britain

The family of murdered Sri Lankan university graduate Thavisha Pereis today said the conviction of his two killers had brought them “some form of solace” after his death.

Migrated Tamil Nationals protest at Glasgow

Hundreds of migrated Tamil Nationals staged protest at the opening ceremony of 20th Commonwealth Games at Glasgow.

Close relationship between LTTE leader and BBS

Minister Dilan Perera today revealed the relationship between LTTE leader Vellu Pillai Prabahakaran and Bodu Bala Sena organization.

Parliament adjourned till Thursday

Due to lack of quorum the Deputy speaker Chandima Weerakodi adjourned the parliament sittings till Thursday.

SLMC MP and four others released on bail

SriLanka Muslim Congress parliamentarian M.S.Dawfeek anf four others arrested over disturbing the duties of STF personals released on bail today.